The growing number of kids with ADHD

There are a growing number of American kids that have been detected with ADHD or attention deficit hyperactive disorder, with the girls and Hispanic kids; they showed the highest rate of all according to the new study. It was revealed last December 8, 2015.  The researchers discovered that in the year 2011, there were an estimated 12% of the American kids ages 5-17 years old had ever been diagnosed with ADHD. This was up to 43% from 2003.  However, what is quite hitting the most is that the increase rate is among girls and Hispanic kids, according to the associate professor of the Washington, D.C. generally, ADHD has been one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders among boys, especially among white boys, and however, the said team of experts said that the trends are shifting through the years?

ADHD is still 2xs as common among American kids when compared to Hispanic kids, 14% of which are vs. than the 8%. However, between the year 2003 & 2011, the occurrence among Hispanic kids rose by 83% when compared with a 46% rise among American kids according to the new study. Closely, the boys still have more than double the rate when it comes to ADHD when compared to the girls; however the rampancy among the girls went up by 55% during the research period.  In 2011, the right has gone up by more than 7% of the girls had ever been detected with the disorder, the team has just reported that in the December 8th issue of the journal, the question Cleary left to the readers is WHY?

Underdiagnosing or overdiagnosing?

He added have the doctors been usually under diagnosed the girls and the Hispanic kids? Or the rate might not be real. Is this just a case of over diagnosis? It is just hard to say so. It is probable, according to Cleary on the other hand that ADHD signs might be varied for the girls and for the boys. The signs among boys are usually overt than the girls and they might seem to be troublemakers. With regards to the girls, the attention problem may be more usual, so they might have issues with daydreaming, he added or in getting their homework done. It is possible that there has been a growing awareness of that in time, he added.

Dr. Adesman, a behavioral pediatrics specialist who wasn’t involved in the said study, has decided that the reasons for the findings are still not clear though.  The analysis on the other hand is based on the data given by the federal government and that seems to be very convincing in terms of showing the rise in ADHD cases, he added. However, it doesn’t help the people to comprehend the reasons why the increases are ongoing as observed. He added.  There has been a controversy about the ADHD cases, with the detractors charging some of the kids being labeled as having a disease and then treated with pills that they do not really need at all. Ritalin and some other stimulant medicines are usually given to the kids for the disorder and some parents hesitate of giving the medicine to their kids on a long term basis