The Drug against X Syndrome for AutismThe initial test about fragile X syndrome

There is an initial study about the experimental drug that was especially made for the treatment of fragile X syndrome, which is a type of genetic condition wherein the person will suffer from intellectual impairment or mental retardation. There are also cases wherein the person showed signs of autism and this drug can help the person in developing improved community ability. Scientists never stopped in studying about this medicine and they have just introduced a research if this pill can also help those with social withdrawal syndrome in people with autism.  On the other hand, it is not yet clear though if this pill is very much capable in working or if the makers of the pill know its actual cost. It is also not proven yet if other medicines can do better than this.

The current results of the pill are quite promising and the medicine may be an important one for the developing treatments for those with autism and this is according to Dr. Michael Tranfaglia, who is also looking for a better treatment to fragile X syndrome.  This condition is brought about by the loss of genes for fragile x mental retardation protein. This case may affect around a hundred thousand people all over the US alone, which may lead to mental retardation, autism, not proportioned growth of the body and epilepsy, at present, there is still no treatment available for fragile x syndrome.

The effects of fragile X in the brain wires

Normally, the absence of the genes triggers the weakening of the brain wires and people with this condition should live in grouped homes, even if they can still work.  There are studies that were launched about the pill arboclafen, which is a pill meant for fragile x syndrome and this is also linked to various types of autism conditions. According to a new study it was sponsored by Seaside Therapeutics and it was under the 2nd of the 3 phases of the research mandated for drugs before they are approved by the USFADA.


In the study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Berry Kravis, a pedia-neuro & biochemist at Rush  who tested the pill for more than fifteen months by providing a drug or an inactive placebo to around sixty three people from ages 6-39 who have fragile X syndrome condition within 6 weeks of the treatment. Fifty five of which are boys, since this syndrome is more prone to boys than the girls. Those who used the pill were able to socialize with others in a more acceptable level according to Warren, who is the one who didn’t work on the research. According to him, the social fear of the people was gone, which is a problem among kids with fragile X syndrome. They can be troublesome in certain instances and it will be very hard for them to deal with their families when they need to go out for a walk or to dine in a restaurant.