The Signs of Stroke in WomenThere was this woman named Donna Arnett and she had stroke when she was only 27 years old, but because she worked as a nurse, she knew the signs and she was able to get help quickly. Few people are so fortunate, because stroke is the leading cause of death of around 130,000 people yearly in the US alone and this is also the prime cause of disability.  Though women in the US truly understood that stroke is a serious case, they are not familiar with the signs.

The signs of stroke

Here are some signs that showed on women who had stroke.

  1. Around 50% of the women know that stroke can make them week, but it will just affect a part of the body like the arm, the legs or the face.
  2. 44% of women know that garbling of speech or hardness to speak may also be a sign of stroke.
  3. 23% of women are familiar with the sudden pain in their head may also be linked to stroke.
  4. 20% of women knew that dizziness that cannot be explained may be a sign of stroke.
  5. 18% of women know that losing of vision can also mean stroke.

According to a cardio named Campbell, during his practice he makes sure that all his patients fully comprehend that the same risk factors for heart ailments can also be applied to stroke. Stroke may also be called brain attacks, since they happen in the same level that heart attack patients had.

How to determine a stroke?

Stroke is not just about the numbness of a body part and becoming weak, but it may also be linked to hardness to speak or garbling of words. It might also be linked to sudden passing out of a person. 1 out of 4 American women were surveyed and they were familiar with headache, dizziness, loss of vision and numbness as signs of stroke. But if you will be able to determine these signs and be able to call 911 right away for help, then you can help in save lives.  In a stroke case, it is the time that is the brain and the faster the blood flow is reestablished to the part of the brain affected by the stroke, the more the patient will be able to recover from the said incident.

Stroke is because of a blood clot in an artery sustaining the brain. If it will determine right away, the patient may be given a drug known as clot buster or better known as thrombolytic or the patient may go through a procedure wherein the catheter will be used to restore blood flow right away.  This is the reason why you should call 911 right away and if you know how to do CPR, then you can also do that to the person. Doctors typically use TPA or tissue plasminogen activator for the thrombolytic sustenance to the patient.