Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways that transport air to and from the lungs. A person with asthma has the insides of his airways (bronchial tube) swollen or inflamed due to an increased sensitivity to irritations caused by allergens.

A minor case of asthma does not severely affect the life span of a sufferer, and can be effectively managed by using rescue inhalers and control inhalers.

Chronic asthma can last for years and sometimes a lifetime. This severe case of asthma requires a longer lasting inhaler or oral steroids that keep your airways open – these are the first aid equipment for asthmatic patients.

Some symptoms of asthma besides breathing difficulty include wheezing, shortness of breath at night, throat irritation, chest pressure and fast heart rate among others.

With so many asthma cases arising, persons suffering from difficulty in breathing should go for proper tests to ascertain whether or not the difficulty in breathing is caused by asthma.

Illness or infection

An infection or illness is caused by the invasion of one’s body by any foreign pathogen such as germs, viruses, bacteria or fungi that end up altering the health of an individual.

Sometimes these alterations like influenza, pneumonia, sinus infection or the common cold have been known to be able to significantly make breathing a lot more difficult than it usually should.

With advancements in medical science and technology, we can now easily combat these Illnesses and infections by use of antibiotics and other medications


Dehydration can is the loss of body fluids or water which significantly and negatively affects normal functions of the body.

It causes difficulty breathing because your body cells are unable to access the energy they require to strive.

This breathing difficulty is pretty easy to correct, all you need to do is take in lots of drinking water or take oral rehydration solution, and your breathing will be back to perfect in no time.


Anxiety is a mental condition caused by fear or worry. Persons suffering from anxiety disorder are usually restless, fatigued and hyper-vigilant.

Though anxiety is not a medical issue, it leaves victims with rapid heart rate, dizziness, and heavy breathing or shortness in breath.

Treating this condition can be done either by consulting a therapist, taking medications like antidepressants or by just simply quitting harmful practices such as smoking.


Allergy isthe abnormal reaction of an immune system to a substance. The substance may include food, pollens, fur, and dust, amongst others.

Persons suffering from allergic reactions tend to encounter respiratory difficulties; they may suffer from symptoms like watery eyes, irritative skin, burning sensation in the lungs or throat or wheezing.

Though allergies do not cause a rapid heart rate, it remains a dangerous cause of breathing difficulty. Treating allergies can be very easy when you consult a professional physician


Choking is a life-threatening emergency condition caused by foreign bodies that obstruct airways.

Abnormal inhalation of food particles into the lungs can result in dangerous symptoms like wheezing, chest burns and shortness of breath.

This condition can effectively be corrected when particles obstructing the airways are properly removed.

Health issues of the heart

Issues affecting the heart have proven to be a major cause of breathing difficulties, and this is mainly because their symptoms tend to last for a long period of time.

Heart failureis the inability of one’s heart to carry out its functions in the body effectively, this can be as a result of high blood pressure, heart attack, heart infection, heart damage from substance abuse, pregnancy, and sepsis amongst others.

It is recommended for individuals with a family history of heart disease to regularly visit a medical practitioner when they encounter any form of breathing problems.

Though few heart problems are terminal, early detection remains key like in most diseases. Also a change in lifestyle or undergoing medication will prove effective in curbing this breathing problem.

Abnormal body heat

High body temperature increases the demand for oxygen; this means when your body temperature is above normal, you tend to use up more oxygen than you normally would at lower body temperature.

A major cause of high body temperature is a fever. Fever causes significant shortness in breath especially when one is carrying out the typical day to day activities.

Most symptoms of fever disappear after proper relaxation, but if breathing remains more difficult than usual, you are advised to seek proper medical care from a health specialist.

Strenuous exercise

Exerciseis any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness or overall health of an individual.

When exercising, muscles, organs and every part of the body consumes a higher amount of oxygen from the red blood cells. This means your heart will be required to pump a lot more blood, while your lungs will need to provide you with more oxygen than usual. These factors lead to heavier breathing and a faster heart rate.

For persons that are not used to engaging in strenuous exercise, they tend to encounter difficulty in breathing and Shortness in breath as well.

Lung health problems

Anyone with a basic knowledge of anatomywill be able to understand the importance of the relationship between the lung and heart. Which is known to guarantee a proper supply of blood and oxygen to the organs and muscles of the body.

This means any health problem that arises in the lungs will lead to poor and labored breathing. Some common lung health problem includes lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary embolism and lung infection and amongst others. Just like any health problem, lung health problems require extensive and proper medical healthcare.


Breathing problems happen to be among the top disturbing health issues in recent times.

With many people encountering difficulty in breathing, and most of them lacking clear information on the cause or reason of the predicament, breathing issues have become more complicated to handle.