College students are under a great deal of pressure to get good grades, and when people who do not have hyperactivity disorders or attention deficit disorders take the medication prescribed for people with these disorders, they say that they have an increased amount of concentration.

Common ADHD Drugs being abused by College Students

The two drugs that college students are using the most often in an attempt to improve their grades are Ritalin and Adderall. These drugs are considered to be Type II narcotics. That means that law enforcement officers consider these medications in the same manner that they consider cocaine or methamphetamines.

Consequences of ADHD Medicine Abuse

The students who are using the ADHD medicine illegally could face legal complications if they are caught by the police, they could face being kicked out of school if they are caught, and they are taking a high risk with their physical health.
These stimulants can cause a person to have a loss of appetite, which could result in weight loss. The individual could lose enough weight that they put their health in danger. Girls who lose too much of their body fat can experience a loss of periods, and other physical complications.
These stimulants can cause a person to experience a racing heart and a greater risk of having a cardiac arrest, or stroke. The stimulants speed up the functions of the body and this can cause you to have a heart attack, anxiety attack, stroke, or high blood pressure.

Where do they get the drugs?

Some students manage to convince medical professionals that they need ADHD medication, but the biggest suppliers of this medication are other students who do actually have prescriptions, and the need for, ADHD medication. Students who have prescriptions for the medication often sell some of their meds to make extra money, even though selling to others means they cannot take the amount they need and are possibly risking their own educational advancement.

Physical Repercussions of using ADHD Meds that you do not need

When students use the stimulants to improve their study habits, and to help them pass their classes they take a risk of impairing their brains ability to assess a situation and anticipate the outcome. Tests have proven that students using the stimulants are more apt to make impulsive decisions than other people of their same age.
The more the students use the drugs the more likely they are to be unable to make good choices about things in all areas of their lives. Some people say that when they take the drugs they have increased concentration, but studies of people who have been abusing stimulants such as these for a period of time show that when the people take tests, they do not perform as well because they do not make decisions in the same way that they once did.