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Opioid dependence causes disaster to medical services


Date: October 3rd, 2016

The study was focused on a large cohort on people who either buy self-insurance or have job-based insurance. President of Fair Health, Robin Gelburd said that the research findings indicate the magnitude nature of the opioid problem. He questioned whether the health system is well equipped to handle this medical services tsunami.

Miami Zika escalates prompting travel advisory


Date: October 1st, 2016

This is the first time that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released a travel advisory against a place in the continental USA. Florida health officials reported an increase in the number of people infected by the local mosquitoes from 4 to 14. The rise comprised of 2 women and 12 men. However, they refused to state whether any of the women was expectant but said that all these cases were recorded in the same neighborhood.

Baby boys more likely to cause pregnancy problems


Date: September 29th, 2016

Researchers analyzed over half a million births in Australia to which they concluded that the gender of the baby can be directly associated with the health of the mother and the child. Doctor Petra Verburg from the Robinson Research Institute at the University of Adelaide in Australia said that pregnancy complications and a baby’s sex are directly proportional. Baby boys stand a higher chance of being born earlier, opening avenues for health problems in their infant life. Similarly, women pregnant with boys had bigger risk of suffering from gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) and serious high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia) when about to deliver.

Mediterranean diet may lengthen your lifespan


Date: September 27th, 2016

Research conducted on individuals of 65 years and older indicated that subjects who had the highest consumption of fish, vegetable and fruit had a lower risk of death. Moreover, the female subjects were found to benefit more from the consumption of olive oil. According to the findings, the Mediterranean diet was shown to benefit people from various demographics. Prior studies have indicated that it is more beneficial when prepared from fresh produce that has low saturation of fats, meats and added sugar.

The Depth & Rate of Chest Compressions in CPR


Date: September 25th, 2016

Depth of Compressions

During CPR, the rescuer performs chest compressions with their hands, and they use their mouths to push air into the victim’s lungs. How deep the chest compressions make a big difference in the survival rate for the victim. Each chest compression needs to be 5.5 centimeters or less to be the most effective. Compressions that are deeper than 5.5 centimeters possibly cause collaterals damages to other internal organs and impede the survival of the patient.

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