Therapeutic Marijuana Improve the Life of Patients without Side Effects

Patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease, one of those inflammatory bowel ailments were able to achieve complete healing. From the numbers given, ½ of them were exposed to medical marijuana smoking regularly. In the study conducted the effects of continuous marijuana use on Crohn’s patients who have suffered from stark cases of the ailment. This data was published in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal. The results of the twenty-one subject study about the anti-inflammatory properties of the drug as becoming accountable for minimizing the signs in a lot of patients and others were able to achieve total healing.

Crohn’s disease: its roots, signs & Cures

Crohn’s disease is always being misbranded as an auto-immune disease when it fact it is an immune deficit state. It came from an army of hereditary, ecological & immunological factors; this disease brings chronic inflammatory disorder to a person by attacking the gastrointestinal tract. It may be anywhere from the mouth down to the anus to fight the body’s antigens when fact do no harm. The signs of the illness range from slight stomach pain to severe cases of diarrhea with blood in the stool, weight loss, vomiting, dizziness and fever as well. There is no treatment for Crohn’s disease; on the other hand, there are different methods to minimize the symptoms and to keep the disease in a remission stage.

The treatments such as severity of the ailment may fall under a range that depends on a person. With just a simple effort to modify the diet may be sufficient at times. But there may be times when a person must go through a surgery to eradicate the affected part of the body. Corticosteroids and other types of drugs may be given to a patient with less to more severe cases. This type of disease merely affects more four hundred thousand to six hundred thousand people in the northern part of America, even if a lot of people are not diagnosed until such time that they have had the disease for several years, this is due to the fact that there are no visible symptoms at all.

The Prognosis after the Studies Conducted

In Meir Medical Center located in Israel, the scientists would like to check the effects of Cannabis Sativa on those with severe cases of Crohn’s disease, depending on the fundamental anti-inflammatory effects of the drug in the treatment of other diseases like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and others. There has been a reported case wherein a marijuana plant provides benefits to those with inflammatory bowel ailments, though this hasn’t been investigated yet accordingly in some controlled tests, according to the report. There was a trial given to around 21 patients with severe Crohn’s disease and out of the twenty-one patients, eleven smoked 2 joints per day for around 8 weeks, while the other ten were comprised of the placebo group. The results showed that 5 of the eleven who smoked marijuana were able to achieve the total remission in the said ailment.

If you are a doctor or nurse and you would like to know how best to care for patients with Crohn’s disease, you need to know a few important things and one of them is that you may need cpr for healthcare providers training.