The American Heart Association published new scientific findings that aimed at revealing alternative treatment approaches that could help reduce high levels of hypertension. According to the research, alternative therapies like isometric handgrip exercise, strength or resistance training and aerobic training could be of great usefulness for people experiencing high blood levels of 120/80 mm Hg and above. These alternative therapies can also provide essential help to people who don’t show good response or are unable to tolerate use of standard medications.

When taking care of someone who has hypertension, heart problems could arise and therefore, you need to learn how to administer adult CPR.

Effective alternative treatment approaches for hypertension

High blood pressure is one of the major risk factors for stroke and heart attack. It was noted that about 26 percent of worldwide population suffered from hypertension and accounted for at least 13 percent of known premature deaths. Experts did an assessment on their alternative therapies for high blood pressure; behavioral therapies like meditation, non-invasive treatments like acupuncture and exercise regimens. However, there was no review on herbal treatments and diet by the experts. Robert D. Brook explained that there are only a handful of well-designed researches that lasted longer and aimed at identifying alternative therapies for treatment of high blood pressure. This was something of great concern considering that most patients are always curious to know about the value of these alternative treatments. Ann Arbor from University of Michigan said that they aimed at providing direction for patients who resist taking medications and would prefer other effective alternative approaches to deal with high blood pressure.

According to the panel, these alternative treatments were rarely associated with any serious health risks and had fewer side effects. However, it was also concluded that the effectiveness of the approaches varied from one to another as some were much better. As such, it is essential to consider integrating them in a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at lowering high blood pressure. The researchers also studied effects of the various meditation styles, yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback approaches, device-guided respiration, and stress reduction and relaxation techniques.

Conclusions on alternative therapies for hypertension

It was concluded that the three different types of exercises contributed significantly in lowering the blood pressure. While walking therapies offered modest benefits, handgrip body exercises provided impressive improvements resulting to reducing diastolic and systolic blood pressure by about 10 percent. However, it was recommended that people whose high blood pressure was severely uncontrolled should avoid engaging in isometric exercise. This referred to a high blood pressure of at least 180/110 mm Hg. Also, hypertension could also be reduced significantly by some behavioral therapies like transcendental meditation and biofeedback. However, there was no sufficient data that could offer evidence on the effectiveness of alternative meditation types. There was also no strong clinical evidence, which could recommend the importance of various relation methods including yoga in dealing with high blood pressure.