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Archive for June, 2016

Is Aspirin Helpful in Preventing Cholangiocarcinoma?


Date: June 20th, 2016

Aspirin and bile duct cancer

Aspirin has been linked with 2 times to 3 times less risk in developing intrahepatic perihilar as well as distal cholangiocarcinoma; this is in accordance with the findings that have been published in Hepatology.  To this day, there has been some proof of the possible part for the aspirin in the preventive measures of the cancer of the bile duct. This is in accordance with the statement released by a doctor of a hospital in Thailand. He said that the study they had conduced will prove that it is true.  The doctor and his associates in studying and in making a research about aspirin and bile duct cancer includes a doctor specializing in gastroenterology as well as hepatology of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

Why Acid Reducing Drugs Are Still Being Given to Babies?


Date: June 19th, 2016

Newborns and GERD

The research has shown that histamine 2 receptor antagonists or H2RAs as well as the proton pump inhibitors or PPIs are usually prescribed to preterm neonates as well as those with congenital anomalies, even if there is a growing debate about its safety to the babies. There are some results from the reflective study that was published in a pedia journal online.  The prescription of the acid suppressing drugs like the H2RAs as well as the PPIs for neonates has become massive in the past years. On the other hand, some newborn studies and researchers have not shown any improvement in terms of the GERD that shares the signs after the treatment have been given with the 2 pills and the safety and efficiency of the stress ulcer propylaxis with the 2 pills have been doubtful.

The Weight of the Child Determined by the Weight of the Mother while Pregnancy


Date: June 18th, 2016

Pregnancy and being overweight of the mother

In news released on the 27th of April this year, 2016, babies with moms who were overweight before they had their pregnancy might be more likely to be overweight according to the study. The study has discovered that the moms who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy might be more prone in having overweight babies. There was a little bit of good news to all moms out there, because breastfeeding is said to be of help for the babies during their first 6 months of life and that can help in lessening the risk of the babies in becoming overweight.

The effect of obesity of the moms to the babies

Obesity among kids are also associated with adult obesity and in the long run, it will also branch out to some health concerns, which is the reason why it is essential to find out some factors that has something to do with too much weight during the early years of life, this is in accordance with the lead author of the research and evaluation board in South California. The study determines and points out the need of the people for more health related efforts to lessen the maternal obesity, suitable pregnancy weight gain and to also boost breast feeding, the author added.

The new research has indicated that more than 16,000 women in the southern part of California who gave birth in the year 2011. The researchers have checked the kid’s weight, by the time they reached their 2nd year of life. When you compare to women who were at their normal weight before they even got pregnant, the toddlers of the moms who were overweight before they get pregnant were more likely to be two times heavier. Those 2 years old with moms that were overweight before they even got pregnant were more likely to be overweight by only 50%, according to the study.

For the meantime, too much weight gain while pregnant is also linked with 23% rise in the odds of the toddlers to be overweight. According to the researchers, they have defined too much weight gain during pregnancy as a normal weight of the woman when gained more than thirty-five pounds, while an overweight woman who have gained more than twenty-five pounds and an obese woman will more likely to gain more than twenty pounds.  Breast feeding for more than 6 months was linked with twenty-four percent lower risk of a toddler being overweight, this is regardless if the mom weight before it gets pregnant, or gestational diabetes or too much weight gain during pregnancy, according to the author of the studies.

In the US Health Report Card, there is a Racial Ethnic Disparities that Persists?


Date: June 17th, 2016

Racial ethnic disparities in the US

In an interview conducted in Wednesday 27th of April in a Health News, the report card on the American’s health seeks that the racial as well as ethnic disparities continue, with all the important gaps in terms of overweight, dental care as well as C-section births. However, the advances were made in some essential places that include the death rate of the babies among smoking women and some numbers of uninsured; this is in accordance to the current report coming from the US Health Department and Human Services.

Importance of Maternal Support in Brain Development of the Kids


Date: June 16th, 2016

The essence of the maternal support for toddlers

Kids who were given enough care and fostering during their early years of life from their moms are most likely to have well developed brain growth; this is in accordance to the newest study conducted in Washington. They also tend to have the early memory response than the kids with loss support from their moms during their preschool years, according to the study. The study suggests that it might be probable to aid a kid to do well in school, cope up with the daily life and in having a well-developed emotion through the help of the parents. This can be done through a moral support and care during the early years of their lives.  The research recommends that there must be a sensitive time when the brain responds more to the support given by the moms than that given by the dad or any other members of the family. This is in accordance with the study conducted by an author and a professor in a university in Washington. It was posted online in a journal about early sciences.

High levels of cholesterol are linked with less chance of having colon cancer


Date: June 15th, 2016

Statins and colon cancer relation

In a news interview, it has been revealed that with the long-term use of cholesterol lowering statins can help in lessening the risk of colon cancer, but this is not true. In the said interview, it has been said that the statins will not help in lessening the odds of colon cancer, however, the person’s cholesterol levels may affect the odds, and this is in accordance to the newest study. Over 22 thousand patients with colon cancer have statins and high cholesterol levels and over 86 thousand people without the said disease. The outcomes have been known in relation with the findings that showed a lower risk of colon cancer among those who took statins for years. However, the risk wasn’t important at all, between those who just kept in taking the pill and those who have just stopped taking it.

Why Sleep Apnea is associated with Type 2 Diabetes


Date: June 14th, 2016

With the unit, around 30% required diabetic retinopathy, 4% of which had a proliferative diabetic retinopathy, 40% of which had diabetic neuropathy, 57% of which had diabetic peripheral neuropathy. With the people with diabetic neuropathy, 24% of which had microalbuminuria, while 11% had macroalbuminuria, 4% of which obligated renal insufficiency.

Why sleep apnea and type 3 diabetes are somewhat related

Different kinds of limitations of disruptive sleep apnea has a link with diabetic neuropathy, this is in accordance to the current research conducted.  In a thorough study, the researchers have understood the data coming from more than eight hundred eight grownups with type 2 diabetes that were admitted in twelve hospitals throughout the 6 municipalities in China, that is from September 2012 to February 2013. This was with 55% of men, average age, 59 years, average BMI and 25 kg., average diabetes duration in around 7 years’ time.

NAFLD Might Boost the Risk of Having Cardio Disease Fatality


Date: June 13th, 2016

NAFLD and the cardio disease risk

Steatosis was a self-governing risk factor for atherosclerosis in a reflective study that suggests that the patients with non-alocoholic fatty liver disease might have a boosted odd for the risk for the primary cardio disease as well as mortality. The proof shows that the fatty as well as inflamed liver shows some pro-inflammatory as well as procoagulant factors and the genes involved in enhanced atherogenesis. This was revealed in an interview with a doctor during the press release. This boosts the probability that the association between the NAFLD as well as the cardio mortality may not just be facilitated by the shared, typical risk factors and fundamentals, however somewhat that the NAFLD solely shares the rising risk., this is in accordance to the statement released by a professor during an interview of the press release.

The Truth in Statins Lowering the Probability of Colon Cancer


Date: June 12th, 2016

The researchers have found out as well that a hard to explain dropping in the cholesterol levels a year before the cancer has been diagnosed; it was still linked to a boost in the odd of cancer in both the statin users as well as non-users.

Relation between the cholesterol and colon cancer

In a news posted last April 26 by HealthDay News, it says that the longer the person use cholesterol lowering statins, the better it is, even if it cannot help in lowering down the risk of colon cancer, the cholesterol levels of the person may also be affected, this is in accordance to the new study.  Though, it has been said that statins can help in lowering down the risk of colon cancer, but with long term use of statins by the patient that can help in lowering down the risk of developing the disease. The statins as well as the cholesterol levels were both associated with lower colon cancer odd, however highlighting which is really responsible has been daunting, this was explained by the researchers of a University in Pennsylvania during an interview.

Why Drug is linked with Yeast Infection and Miscarriage?


Date: June 11th, 2016

Yeast infections and miscarriage

Last April 26, in health news, the doctors said that pregnant women must be careful whenever they take prescription medicines for fungal infections such as fluconazole. The doctors also warn their fellow doctors about prescribing antifungal medicines such as fluconazole for pregnant women. This is because it might boost the probability of miscarriage according, to the USFDA warning. Fluconazole like Diflucan is being used to for the treatment of yeast infections. The pregnant women or those who are expecting to have a child must discuss this matter with their doctors and if there are better alternative treatment for their conditions. This is in accordance with the statement given by the FDA.