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Online First Aid Course And Training With Certification

Online First Aid Course And Training With Certification

Online First Aid course are written by team of U.S. licensed board certified medical doctors.

First Aid certification are signed by authorized U.S. physicians.

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Online CPR or First Aid Courses and printable certification or get First Aid Certification wallet card and wall certificate by mail

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Any time people sustain an injury or become ill, they may benefit from immediate treatment. Wikipedia says, "First aid is the provision of initial care." This care can be performed by people who are healthcare professionals or even those who do not have medical backgrounds. To ensure family safety or learn adequate medical skills as a healthcare worker, basic online first aid training makes sense. It ensures better preparation for life's surprises. One person can make the difference that saves a life.

After the course has been completed and the test finished print out a two year valid certification to show proof of qualifications.

Our complete online course covers basic first aid training for adults and children, including:

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  • How to treat victims for burns, rashes, lacerations, and other bodily injuries.
  • How to immobilize a broken leg until help arrives.
  • How to prevent or minimize bleeding.
  • How to treat animal bites or stings.
  • Appropriate treatment for allergic reactions.
  • How to warm a person who has hypothermia.
  • Treating fevers and illnesses.
  • How to minimize the effects of poisoning or toxic exposure until medical help arrives.
  • And much more!

Take courses such as BLS, CPR, and BLS for healthcare providers. Online courses also include bloodborne pathogens training and Adult, Infant, and Child CPR.

Detailed course content written by board certified physicians

Physicians with years of experience have designed these courses and certifications. The need has never been greater for people who can perform life-saving early care.

Detailed illustrations, comprehensivediagrams and in-depth reading materials augment the learning experience

We use specific, detailed illustrations and diagrams to make the learning process as accurate and realistic as possible. These free courses are unmatched by any other provider. Upon completion, you will be able to give others appropriate emergency care.

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No one delivers online certificates faster

One click of the mouse is all it takes to apply for CPR first aid training and get CPR and first aid certifications. A clear and concise set of multiple-choice questions can be answered using information learned during online first aid training. Print your certificate for just $14.99. The certificate is valid for a full two years.

There are many reasons to take training and certifications online

Taking online CPR first aid courses is one of the best ways to acquire the knowledge needed to perform basic life-saving services. Basic first aid certification is optional for most adults, but knowing the life-saving skills taught by this site's online first aid course should not be. It takes a short time to complete this training, for free and on your own schedule. The knowledge gained prepares one for a wide range of emergency medical situations. Appreciate the convenience of learning on any schedule and being able to download everything from one website. The certification will cost just $14.99, the second one for $12, and additional ones are just $6 each.

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Quality Training

Online CPR Certifications, CPR Certification, High Quality Training Video

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Trusted And Validated
Board certified physicians create all of the First Aid certification training.

A licensed medical director who practices medicine in the U.S. signs each certificate.
Nationally Accepted
People in a vast array of professions have chosen to use American Academy to learn life-saving skills and get their certification. Such professionals include government workers, educators, restaurant employees, healthcare providers, and community workers. Tattoo artists, teachers, day-care workers, fitness trainers, construction workers, massage therapists, community and school libraries, and more have also benefited from completion of these courses.
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You people are essentially awesome! I was seeking for a fast & easy pathway to discover CPR and to get my certificate. Your site did exactly that. The information was uncomplicated to read and understand. Thanks for this easy course.
- Charles

Trusted & Validity: All our courses are developed by a team of authorized U.S. board certified and licensed medical doctors.

Our nationally recognized certificates are signed by authorized board certified U.S. medical doctors.        

Nationally Accepted Certification

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