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Burn: Electrical and Chemical
burn tx First aid response for burns:
  • Evaluate the situation. Look for dangers to yourself and to the victim.
  • For severe burns or burns to the airway or electrical burns, call EMS or dial 911
  • Apply plenty of cold tap water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Put on disposable gloves if available.
  • Carefully remove the clothing around the burn, unless it sticks to the burn.
  • Cover the burned area with sterile dressing or folded triangular bandage, part of a sheet or plastic wrap, to protect it from infection and to prevent fluid loss.
  • Monitor and record vital signs-level of response, pulse and breathing
  • Be prepared to administer CPR, if necessary
  • DO NOT burst any blisters. Loosely cover blister with sterile dressing, but leave blisters intact as it improves healing and reduces pain.
  • DO NOT apply lotions, ointment, or adhesive tape to the burned area
  • DO NOT apply ice directly on the burn as it may cause tissue injury
  • DO NOT remove anything sticking to the burn

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