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r4tqv5svbmlfc0pgolvafep265FA  fracture3 Open fracture:
  • Place on a disposable gloves, if available
  • Cover the wound with clean pads or sterile dressing.
  • Apply gentle pressure to control bleeding.
  • Secure the dressing and padding with a bandage.
  • Bandage the injured part to the closest parallel unaffected part of the body. For the lower limb fractures, bandage the injured leg to the uninjured. For the upper limb fractures, immobilize the arm against the trunk.
  • Arrange to transport to the medical facility
  • Check the circulation every 10 minutes. If circulation is weak then loosen the bandages. Monitor and record vital signs – level of response, pulse and breathing
  • Be prepared to administer CPR, if necessary
DO NOT move the person until the injured part is secured and supported
DO NOT move or try to straighten the injured extremity
DO NOT allow the person to eat or drink until cleared by the physician
DO NOT allow the victim with a lower extremity injury to walk (bear weight) until cleared by a medical professional

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