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First aid response for seizures:
  • If the person is falling ease the fall
  • Make space for the person, ask bystanders to move away
  • Remove dangerous items i.e. hot drinks or sharp objects etc, from the surrounding.
  • Note the time when the seizure started
  • Loosen the clothing around the neck and place a protective soft padding under the head, if possible.
  • When the seizure has stopped, be ready to administer CPR, if the victim is not responding i.e. no movement and no breathing.
  • If the person is breathing then place him/her in the recovery position.
  • Note the total time of the seizure.
  • Call EMS or 911, if the seizure continues for more than 5 minutes, the person is unconscious for more than 10 minutes, the person is having repetitive seizures or having seizures for the first time.
DO NOT move the person unless he/she is in immediate danger
DO NOT put anything in the person’s mouth or use force to restrain the person.

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