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  • Evaluate the situation. Look for dangers to yourself and to the victim.
  • Make the area safe for yourself and the victim.
  • If possible stay on land and pull the victim from the water with your hand, a stick, or a rope.
  • If victim is unconscious you may have to wade or swim to the victim and bring him or her to shore.
  • Begin CPR if the victim is not responsive and not breathing.
  • If only one rescuer is present then start CPR and complete 5 cycles (2 minutes) before activating emergency services.  If two people are present then send one person to activate emergency services and the other to start CPR.
  • Once the victim is out of the water, place the victim in a position so that his/her head is lower than the rest of the body to reduce the risk of inhaling the water and protect the body from the wind to prevent the victim's body from getting colder. Remove wet clothing if possible and cover the victim with dry materials (blankets, towels, clothes).
  • Arrange to take or send the victim to a hospital. As with electrical injuries the victim may have suffered injuries that are not obvious.

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