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Electrical Injuries
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  • Evaluate the situation. Look for dangers to yourself and to the victim
  • Make the area safe for yourself and the victim
  • HIGH VOLTAGE current found in power lines and overhead high-tension (HT) cables, is usually fatal. Immediately notify the authorities if there is high voltage electrocution, such as fallen power lines.
  • LOW VOLTAGE current is found in homes and workplaces
  • DO NOT touch the victim if he/she is in contact with the electrical source because you risk electrocution.
  • Break the contact between the victim and electrical supply by switching off the current at the main switch or fuse box or by unplugging or disconnecting the appliance.
  • If unable to reach the plug or main switch, then stand on dry insulating material such as a wooden box, a plastic mat, or a telephone book. Using a wooden stick push the victim's limbs away from the electrical source or push the source away from the victim.

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