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Wounds, Abrasions and Bleeding
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  • Clean the wound or abrasion with clean running tap water for at least 5 minutes or until the wound is totally clean (no dirt or other matter on the wound).If tap water is not available use bottled (non-carbonated) drinking water.
  • To stop the bleeding, apply firm steady pressure directly on the wound until bleeding stops.
  • If gauze, cloth or sanitary pads are available, place one directly over the bleeding area and apply steady pressure. Continue until bleeding stops.
  • If bleeding continues, do not remove the gauze; add more gauze on top and apply more pressure.
  • As the gauze, cloth or sanitary pads become soaked replace with dry ones if available.
  • Once the bleeding has stopped, apply an elastic bandage over the dry gauze, cloth or sanitary pad
  • Apply triple antibiotic ointment on abrasions (scrapes) to prevent infections.

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