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Adult CPR
One and Two Rescuer:
•  30:2 compressions to ventilations
•  For two rescuers: change the compressor/ rescuer every 2 minutes, or every 5 cycles to avoid fatigue.

Special Situations:
If a person is drowning or a victim of foreign body airway obstruction, complete the 5 cycle or 2 minutes, of CPR before activating the EMS (if only one rescuer is present and the EMS has not been activated)
If healthcare providers suspect a cervical spine injury, they should open the airway using a jaw thrust without head extension. Use the head tilt–chin lift maneuver if the jaw thrust does not adequately open the airway.

•  Recognition of cardiac arrest (no response and no breathing or only gasping breath)
•  Activation of EMS
•  Immediate CPR (Pulse check for maximum of 10 seconds then chest compressions followed by breaths)
•  Rapid Defibrillation (AED or Defibrillator)

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