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Infant Choking
Conscious and choking:
  • If the infant is choking then place it on your lap.
  • If the infant is unable to cough, then start back slaps and chest compressions
  • Hold the infant in one of your forearms facing down. Support the head and the jaw with your hand. Head position needs to be lower than the chest.
  • Give 5 back slaps in the middle of the back (between the shoulder blades) using the heel of your hand.
  • Turn the infant while carefully supporting the head and the neck, with your other hand and the forearm.
  • Hold the infant with its head lower than the trunk
  • Give 5 chest compressions – compressing with two fingers just below the nipple line. Compress at the rate of 1 per second.
  • Continue the sequence of 5 back slaps and 5 chest compressions, until the object is removed or the infant becomes unconscious.

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