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Child CPR
Mouth to mask breathing rescue Rescue Breathing:
  • Check for response
  • If no response i.e. unresponsive and lack of normal breathing i.e. no breathing or gasping
  • Activate EMS (Emergency Medical Services or Emergency Response Team) and get or call for an AED (automated external defibrillator), (only if 2 rescuers/persons present)
  • Check for the carotid pulse (continue to check pulse every two minutes). Check the pulse for MAXIMUM of 10 seconds
  • If there is a pulse greater than60 per minute, start rescue breathing.
  • Open airway – head tilt-chin lift (push the forehead back with one hand and lift the chin to move the jaw forward with the other hand) or do a jaw thrust if cervical spinal injury is suspected.
  • Using mouth to mouth technique or bag-mask for ventilation
  • Give 2 breaths, each for a 1-second duration, look for chest rise. If the first breath doesn't make the chest rise and fall, then reposition the head i.e. head tilt-chin lift, and re administer the breaths.
  • Continue rescue breathing every 3-5 second intervals (12-20 breaths per minute), each breath for 1 second.
  • Check the carotid pulse every 2 minutes

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