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Archive for September, 2017

How To Raise Good Cholesterol


Date: September 9th, 2017

On the contrary, life would be unbearable without cholesterol. The truth is, without cholesterol, your body would not make sex hormones, for instance, testosterone and estrogen, adrenal hormones known to regulate the blood pressure & metabolism, including essential nutrients like Vitamin D.

These Ten Chronic Diseases Are Costly To Treat and Manage


Date: September 7th, 2017


Chronic diseases are so rampant in US posing a challenge to healthcare payers who are left to cover care for those patients with costly durable conditions. Chronic diseases tend to be expensive healthcare endeavor to an extent that certain experts for instance AMA have sought public and private payers to support the chronic disease management programs. Other stakeholders are said to have come up with chronic disease management funds that offer Medicare beneficiaries support in order to meet the expenses of chronic care & treatment.

Fast Data Access Is Important For Patients and Healthcare Providers


Date: September 5th, 2017

A new ONC report proved that improving data access measure of the patients will be of much benefit to the health care providers as well as the patients. According to the report, healthcare centers ought to better their patient data access measures processes since that will lower consumer burden and at the same time enable entities offer better care.

Two Things Reduce The Risk Of C-Section – Diet and Exercise


Date: September 3rd, 2017

A certain study shows that there are healthy habits that are likely to reduce chances of certain obstetric complications. The Healthy Day News reported back in WEDNESDAY 19th July 2017 that a healthy diet plus exercise is not only good for the baby in the womb, but it also lower the chances of undergoing a C-section during delivery.

Readmission Rates Very High For People with Diabetes


Date: September 1st, 2017

A pilot study available in clinical diabetes & Endocrinology shows that patients suffering from diabetes have got higher chances of being readmitted in the hospital in comparison to persons without diabetes.