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Archive for July, 2016

HPV Has Improved the Risk of Young Girls Having Cervical Cancer


Date: July 21st, 2016

HPV for cervical cancer

There was a vaccine that was introduced 10 years back to fight STV that brings cervical cancer. It has lessened the prevalence of the said disease in young girls by 2/3. This was based on the researchers note. Even women who are in their early 20s showed that the vaccine lower the rates of the riskiest strains of HPV and it is still going down by more than 1/3. They have been seeing some results of the vaccines that go down the line for the said age groups that makes the study more persuading. This is according to Dr. Middleman. She is the head of the teen medicine at the University in Oklahoma. She wasn’t involved in the study. There was a small group of ladies in the nation that have been given shots, but they were seeing the result of the public health that is a big extensive.

Is there a Way to Fight Zika from Spreading?


Date: July 20th, 2016

The link between Zika and microcephaly

As the Zika virus continue to spread and became pandemic all over the US, the health officials are starting to cram. They want to learn more about this virus and how they will be preparing for it if the cases went up. At the moment, the emergency operations center of the USCDC is on its highest alarm for the Zika response. This is only for the 4th time in history. As they speak with the director Dr. Fieden about the outbreak and what they are still learning.

What does the European Medicines Agency have to say about SGLT2 Inhibitors?


Date: July 19th, 2016

The SGLT2 inhibitors and their dangers

The European Medicine Agency or EMA have asked the health professionals to closely check on the signs of diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA in patients with type-2 diabetes who were given prescription for SGLT2 inhibitors.  The pills which are available in the UK are available under the names Forxiga, Inyokana, Jardiance to name some were made to lower the levels of glucose in the blood to those with type 2 diabetes. Since the middle part of 2015, there were issues with the SGLT2 inhibitors and their dangers for the possibility of having DKA in those with type 2 diabetes. DKA is a serious health complication that is linked with type 1 diabetes, though it is just short term, it is serious enough to make people alarmed. It is just typical when the glucose in the blood goes up to a very high level.

Improving C-Peptide Effect


Date: July 18th, 2016

Hypodermic management

Hypodermic management of the extended performing C-peptide weekly for fifty-two weeks didn’t improve the sural nerve transference speed or peripheral neuropathy; however it dramatically developed the Quivering Awareness Verge in those with type 1 diabetes patients with peripheral neuropathy if associated with placebo. This is in accordance with the data that was currently distributed in Diabetes Care. The patients with type 1 diabetes who suffered from the absence of C-peptide may progress in an added microvascular complication. On the other hand, in a past study, the researchers have shown how changing has dramatically change the marginal functions of the nerves in type 1 diabetes, thus it promoted the researchers to make an evaluation about the security and efficiency of a long acting C-peptide among patients with type 1 diabetes regardless if they have mild to moderate peripheral neuropathy.

The health providers are starting to bridge the gap between the medical & the mental care needs of the patients.


Date: July 17th, 2016

The collaboration of doctors

Tracy is a young woman who visits the doctor for an appointment at a Mental Health Center. The counseling along with the medicines given controlled her depression and schizophrenia. She said she always come accordingly without hesitations to her daily schedule, because if she will not do that, she will give up and will commit suicide. Tracy Young is not as religious about her health, even if she suffers from arthritis and back pains. She also has a background of having cancer in the family. She hasn’t seen a doctor for 3 years now for her physical checkup.

What is the Relation of Penicillin to Delirium among Patients?


Date: July 16th, 2016

Antibiotics and delirium

Antibiotics are important to help cure different conditions; however, they can also be the culprit for a disrupted cognitive function in patients. Even if the mental confusion may be the primary effect of some of the medicines like opiates as well as sleeping pills, some of the people never thought that antibiotics will be on the list.  On the other hand, the researchers from a hospital in Boston have discovered that the antibiotic being prescribed to people nowadays may lead to delirium along with agitation and hallucinations.

What the Kidney has to do with Poor Leg Circulation among Women?


Date: July 15th, 2016

The risk of having peripheral arterial disease or PAD

If you compare women to men, women who are under the age of 70 with kidney disease are at a higher risk of having peripheral arterial disease or PAD. This has been impairing the blood flow in the leg area. This is what the doctors have discovered from a recent study made with more than 3,000 people with chronic kidney disease. The researchers led by Dr. Wang of a hospital in Pa have discovered that women below 70 years old with kidney problem have 53% risk of having PAD when compared to men of the same age. On the other hand, after the age of 70, both sexes will be even out according to researchers.

What Can Doctors Expect from Digital ID Cards of the Patients?


Date: July 14th, 2016

What the family doctors has to say?

Family doctors of a primary care hospital in Ohio are also running some of the innovative technology in medical science. For example, new patients can easily register for an appointment by just visiting the portal. The established patients are welcome to deal with them through the same web portal where they can also check the results of the tests conducted, they can read the medical record summaries and they can also ask for a prescription refill. The portal is best since it is loaded with features that you can also use using your smartphone. This is for those who are always on the road. Though, oftentimes, the technology just gets ahead of one’s self.   Like in the case when a patient comes up at the front desk using a smartphone photo of the digital health insurance card.

Hospital going to close the Labor and Delivery Units


Date: July 13th, 2016

The need of labor units in rural hospitals

A few years back when a young lady delivered her baby in a hospital in North Carolina. It was a cold Valentine’s Day, because there was an ice storm going on at the mountain roads out of the town which made the towns impossible to pass through by vehicles.  Her baby suffered from breathing problems then because the lungs weren’t developed yet. It was Dr. Murphy who conducted the delivery, she is a family doctor who helped her gave birth that night. She is also the doctor who stayed in the neonatal ICU then of the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Salem. This is just 1 ½ hour drive away if an infant consultation is badly needed.

How can Slow Eating Helps Overweight Kids?


Date: July 12th, 2016

Obesity and overeating

Educating the kids to eat at their own pace can help them prevent overeating and weight gain as well. This is according to a study that was published by the online journal in Pedia-obesity. The kids who can wait around half a minute in every bite may lose around a certain amount of body weight. This is based on a research; some on the other hand were pressured to eat gain by around 12%.  The study merely focused in the development of table manners, more than giving the child a limited portion to prevent overeating according to a research.  Eating slowly can also make the child feel full even if she/he has eaten less amount of food.