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Archive for December, 2015

Dormant cancer cells could become active decades later


Date: December 21st, 2015

These scientists reported that they now had evidence showing that the cancer cells could go to ‘sleep’ and by so doing, avoid chemotherapy effects and could then become active years later, sometimes after decades. This information was availed by a team of researchers at Institute of Cancer Research and said that this could be a good explanation for returning of some cancers many years despite seeming to have been fully cured.

Waking up of cancer cells

During the study, the researchers analyzed a patient that was diagnosed with returning leukemia 20 years after being declared fully cared. These findings could be of great help to scientists when it comes to rooting out the dormant cancer cells whereby they make them active so that they can kill them. Findings of the study were published in a journal of Leukemia whereby cancer cells that ‘woke up’ were found in a patient after nearly two decades and they were found to be very similar to the ones of the original disease.

Endometrial cancer risk could be reduced by the mediterranean diet


Date: December 20th, 2015

According to the researchers, close adherence to this diet could remarkably reduce the risk of a woman being diagnosed with endometrial cancer more than half, something that is truly remarkable. The study suggested that by combining foods that are rich in fibers, antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals can have a very favorable impact when it comes to combating the cancer that affects women commonly in the US in their reproductive organs.

Mediterranean diet- a healthy and quality diet

The team said that as per their research findings, a healthy and well balanced diet could really reduce the likelihood that a woman will get developing cancer. This further supports the fact that our day to day choices, particularly how we are active and what we eat can have an impact on the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer.

No cancer risk posed by long term low dose vaginal estrogen


Date: December 19th, 2015

A review on the large database showed that using unopposed topical vaginal estrogen wasn’t in any way associated with a higher risk of getting cancer or endometrial hyperplasia. Yearly incidence of diseases from 2006 to 2012 among women from Kaiser Permanente Northern California membership aged at least 46 years old didn’t show any significant differences by the number of vaginal estrogen prescriptions dispensed over a period of 3 years. This is according to the report given by Dr. Kathryn M. Gunnison at an annual meeting of American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The Essence of Having a CPR Certification


Date: December 18th, 2015

Yearly, a large number of lives across the globe are spared through the courageous activities of people with CPR Certification. These individuals have gotten themselves defied with circumstances where they have needed to venture out of their usual lives and get to be legends by doing mouth to mouth on a man in need. In the event that these people had not set aside an ideal opportunity to search out and acquire CPR Certification, they would have wound up in a powerless circumstance of having to vulnerably watch somebody endure.

CPR Certification

There is nothing that prevents you from acquiring a CPR Certification. The issue is that numerous individuals trust that they will never experience a circumstance where such abilities will be essential. Then again, you can never set yourself up for each circumstance that you will wind up in through the span of your life.

Risk of blood clot raised by newer types of pills for birth control


Date: December 17th, 2015

Researchers reported that women who are now taking the newer kinds of birth control pills risk developing clotting of blood compared to women taking the older types of pills. Their report provided a clarifying evidence on the seemingly safer options availed by modern contraceptives, which could in fact be riskier compared to the earlier formulations. When reaching their conclusions, the researchers studied two medical records that included over 50000 women in Britain aged between 15 and 49 years.

Increased risk factor

And as it has been known for decades now, women who take combined oral contraceptives, i.e. formulations containing two hormone versions, progestin and estrogen faced a much higher risk of being diagnosed with venous thromboembolisms, which is a dangerous blood clot unlike women that don’t take these pills.

Worse prognosis for prostate cancer linked to excess weight


Date: December 16th, 2015

Radiation therapy is one of the most common interventions when it comes to combating prostate cancer but as researchers found out, it is less effective among obese and overweight men compared to normal weight men as suggested by a new study. Increased rate of relapse for prostate cancer, death resulting from prostate cancer as well as death from other possible causes was observed for obese and overweight men in the study that involved over 1,400 patients of prostate cancer.

Does radiation therapy really work?

Ideally, the whole issue isn’t really about weight as such, but there is an association with an increase in weight that could be the reason for the less effectiveness of the treatment as noted by the lead researcher in this study.

How patients might benefit from changing to breast cancer surgery


Date: December 15th, 2015

And it was noted that as far as breast cancer surgery is concerned, a relatively wider scope could result in the patients getting better outcomes. Breast tissue removal during partial mastectomies could minimize the need for breast cancer patients getting a second surgery for removing their cancer as reported by a new study. In US, about 150, 000 breast cancer patients go through a partial mastectomy every year and such findings can significantly boost their health outcomes.

Improving health outcomes of breast cancer patients

Yale University released a press statement saying that between 20 and 40% of patients diagnosed with breast cancer could be having cancerous tissues just near the tissue edges which the surgeon could remove during a partial mastectomy. Those cells that remain are known as positive margins and what this essentially means is that there is a high likelihood of the breast cancer coming back and this could possibly necessitate a second surgery.

A study shows no relation between dyslexia and vision problems


Date: December 14th, 2015

Vision therapies such as eye training might not be effective when it comes to treatment of dyslexia among children as reported by researchers who managed to find normal vision among children diagnosed with learning disability. These findings essentially confirm is that what most eye doctors have come to know for quite a long time now. Dyslexia is essentially a brain dysfunction and certainly not an eye disorder as such. No studies exist to show that visual training could be of any help to a dyslexic patient.

Dyslexia a common problem in US

Most school aged children have been diagnosed with dyslexia in US depending on which definition has been used as noted by the researchers. In case the severe reading difficulties linked to dyslexia haven’t been addressed, adult employment can be affected seriously as well as their health as the researchers were quick to add.

Teens having severe headaches found to benefit from Migraine surgery


Date: December 13th, 2015

The excruciating nature of migraines usually prevent patients from going through their regular routine but fortunately, teens could now be having a remarkable option of dealing with this problem. Severe migraines which don’t usually respond to the typical migraines could now be contained effectively with migraine surgery. According to the data available to the researchers, there was a demonstration that going through a surgical operation for treating refractory migraine headaches among the adolescent population might significantly improve or even ameliorate the symptoms completely for some people.

CPR Certification is Very Important for Everyone to Have


Date: December 12th, 2015

Getting a CPR Certification is a standout amongst the most productive ways one can enhance his or her shots of getting a job. This is because of the way that numerous services and different kinds of establishments don’t hire individuals who don’t have this record. The businesses are exceptionally strict on this endorsement given that the greater part of the patient with heart failure needs unique care so they can recoup at the earliest opportunity. It is accordingly fitting for all college students who have effectively finished the CPR Certification to guarantee that they get this accreditation.

The emergency treatment

Numerous individuals don’t recognize what to do if someone else is going to suffocate or gets a heart attack in their vicinity. This is because of the way that they have not experienced the fundamental service, and these lines can’t have the capacity to handle the patient as required. For one to get a CPR Certification, it is compulsory for him or her to go to all the essential classes and do handy to demonstrate that he/she can deal with patients.