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Archive for November, 2013

A critical look at health care


Date: November 5th, 2013

Washington state legislature is among the legislatures in the country that are feeling the serious effects of the currently ongoing recession. Just like the others, Washington looked at Medicaid program as one of the places where money should be cut to help contain the budget shortfall.

Bypass Surgery Centers


Date: November 4th, 2013

Consumer Reports is the group that ranks everything ranging from cars to vacuums. This time round the group was ranking Bypass surgery Centers in the country. The rating aimed at identifying the top performing 50 centers in the nation based on the risk adjusted data sent to the registry of Society of  Thoraic Surgeons.

Arrive at the Emergency Department


Date: November 3rd, 2013

The challenges faced by most EDsAdvantages of arriving at ED by an ambulance

Some things might look obvious, but they might not be as easy as they seem. One of the dumb questions that anyone can ask is whether to go directly to an emergency department or call 911 while at home and you suspect that you are in a critical medical emergency such as a heart attack. The conventional wisdom among most people is that they should call an ambulance to drive them to the ED.

Reducing wound scarring


Date: November 3rd, 2013

Researchers using an experimental agent known as avotermin found that formation of scars was reduced significantly compared with placebo during the period of between six weeks and 12 months after the incisions via the full skin thickness. The research was carried out by Mark W. J Ferguson and colleagues from University of Manchester, England.

Healthcare decisions?


Date: November 2nd, 2013

Health care decisions can be made by two types of people. Someone with a profit motive and will deny you treatment and coverage to benefit him/ herself or someone without such motives. Then there are those who think that these decisions should be made by people with political motives. As far as making decisions outside the physician- patient relationship is concerned, this refers to decisions about coverage or funding.

Imitrex/ Sumatriptan?


Date: November 1st, 2013

Besides narrowing blood vessels, Sumatriptan also works by neutralizing substances in the body which can cause headache pain, sensitivity to s

ound and light, nausea and various migraine symptoms. Normally, people take Sumatriptan as a treatment for migraine headaches and this drug only treats headache conditions that have begun already. As such, the drug is incapable of reducing the number of headache attacks or preventing headaches.